Exclusion of Anti Social Forces

Exclusion of Anti Social Forces

1. We hereby declare that our company (including officers and persons substantially involved in management) does not fall under any of the following anti-social forces now or in the future.

① Organized crime group ② Organized crime group member ③ Person who has not been a member of an organized crime group for less than 5 years
④ Associate members of organized crime groups ⑤ Companies associated with organized crime groups ⑥ Looters who claim to be involved in social movements or political activities, such as corporate racketeers, etc.
⑦Special intelligence violent group ⑧Other persons equivalent to the preceding items

2. Our company declares that it does not currently or in the future have any relationship with the anti-social forces mentioned in the preceding paragraph that falls under any of the following items.

① Relationship where the management is controlled by anti-social forces
②A relationship in which anti-social forces are substantially involved in its management.
③ Relationships where anti-social forces are used to gain fraudulent profits for the company or a third party, or cause damage to a third party.
④ Relationships such as providing funds, etc. or providing benefits to anti-social forces.
⑤ Any other officer or person substantially involved in management has socially reprehensible relationships with antisocial forces.

3. The Company declares that it will not engage in any of the following acts either by itself or by using a third party.

① Violent demands
② Unreasonable demands that exceed legal responsibility
③Using threatening behavior or using violence regarding transactions
④ Spreading rumors, using fraudulent means or force to damage the credibility of a third party, or interfering with a third party's business.
⑤Other acts similar to the preceding items

4 Our company declares that the following items apply in relation to subcontractors or subcontractors (including all subcontractors or subcontractors if there are several subcontractors or subcontractors; the same shall apply hereinafter). .

① The subcontractor or subcontractor does not fall under 1, 2 and 3 above, and will not fall under 1, 2 and 3 above in the future.
② If a subcontractor or subcontractor is found to fall under the preceding item, immediately cancel the contract or take measures to cancel the contract.

5. In the event that we receive unreasonable demands or unjust interference such as business obstruction from anti-social forces, we will refuse such requests and declare that we will promptly cooperate with reporting to investigative authorities.

September 1, 2023
President and CEO Shoji Izawa