Technology Development


Basic Research

Bringing innovation to towels is not easy.
We always think outside the box to realize innovative ideas by focusing on the foundation of the product, including materials, spinning, and manufacturing processes.

Product Development

For example, it is unfortunately impossible with current technology to create a towel that has all the functions required, just as there are no towels made with non ply yarn that has almost no shedding of fluff.
However, we have a development attitude that challenges the word "impossible," and we will continue to develop towels that many people demand.


We aim for sustainability from a global perspective, not just from the perspective of organic and recycling, which the towel industry tends to focus on.
We are committed to a diverse society centered on all energy related to towels, and we will challenge to solve problems as consumers continue to use towels from the time of production.

Process of making towels

Introduction to the various processes involved in towel production.
Here we will introduce the various processes involved in making a towel.

  • 01

    Material selection

    Select materials suitable for the purpose.

  • 02


    Impurities, etc. are removed and the fibers are twisted to a yarn state. The twisting method and number of twists are adjusted according to the characteristics of the towel.

  • 03

    Refining and Bleaching

    Dirt and impurities are removed to bring out the natural whiteness.

  • 04


    When dyeing in the yarn state, dyeing is done before weaving the towels.
    *Dyeing after weaving is called "piece dyeing."

  • 05


    The warp and pile yarns are wound to the required number and length. Accuracy and technical skill are required because the yarns must be wound with uniform tension.

  • 06


    Typical looms include the dobby loom, which can weave plain colors and simple patterns, and the jacquard loom, which can weave complex patterns, and they are used depending on the design.

  • 07


    The glue applied for weaving towels is removed, dyed, dried, and so on.

  • 08

    Sewing / Processing

    Border and Selvage of the towels are sewn by hand or machine, followed by post-processing such as embroidery. Finally, each towel is inspected by hand and shipped.


Izawa Original Production Management System


Established a platform by consolidated management system from product blueprinting till delivery to our clients. This makes us to be enable to realize an innovation beyond in conventional towel manufacturing, which brings both unparalleled quality with performance and overwhelming cost.