The Power of Research & Data to Uncover Reality


Original Researches

IZAWA TOWEL Innovation Produced from Original Researches

Innovation is achieved through daily effort.

With relentless research and dedication

We have grown into a company that can create the standard for towels.


"Innovation" is not about predicting the future, looking back to the past, or focusing on design.

We believe that this will come about by seriously facing manufacturing based on the numbers obtained through current research.

Why IZAWA TOWEL is Selected

Performances required of towels include ``feel to the touch,'' ``water absorption,'' ``quick drying,'' ``durability,'' and ``fuzz adhesion.''

However, if you pursue softness, it tends to become fluffy, and if you increase water absorption, the softness decreases, so cost and technology are required to provide all the performance at a high level.


Therefore, Izawa Towel researches the balance between quality and cost.

The reason why our company continues to be chosen is because we continue to thoroughly pursue the reality of being neither good nor expensive, or cheap but bad.

Dedication to Researches Takes Over the Ordinary

Just Like a Top Chefs, Completely Immersed in their Way of Cooking

IZAWA TOWEL's researchers immerse themselves in their work just like professional chefs do in their cooking.


For example, top chefs greedily and honestly engage in research, as if continuing to hone their skills without relying on ingredients. We continue to improve our company's seeds in order to meet customer needs and revolutionize the standards of the towel industry.


Research on Izawa towels is not research aimed at responding to needs.
We want to meet needs by realizing various ideas and possibilities.


It is not a matter of following trends, but of creating them.
Moving forward, IZAWA TOWEL's passionate researchers will keep striving to challenge and overturn the towel industry's standards.
We will continue to be such a professional group.


Production Process and Ethos

Why IZAWA TOWEL is No.1 in towel sales

A Brief Introduction From the CEO

CEO Shoji Izawa

Fundamental change is required for "innovation".


The field of our activity must be global since our product is to consume as a necessity around the world.


As a game changer in the industry, we eliminate everything that is outdated.
Our mission is to continue to realize "paradigm shift" in this industry as a "game changer" by eliminating all the old ways of doing business.


Becoming a global company that weaves the past and the future