JFL's FC Tiamo Hirakata manager Kasumi Ogawa's lecture was held at the Tokyo headquarters.

Izawa Towel's home base is Hirakata City, Neyagawa City, and Katano City, Osaka Prefecture.
We are an official partner of the JFL soccer team "FC Tiamo Hirakata".

A lecture was held on June 13, 2022, inviting director Kasumi Ogawa.
Coach Ogawa, who has been active as a J Leaguer for many years, will share his secrets to success as a player.
He talked about how he struggles as a coach to keep the players together.
The question corner after the lecture was so successful that Izawa Towel employees couldn't stop asking questions.
It was a valuable time to strengthen the cooperative relationship between the two parties.

Izawa Towel will continue to support FC Tiamo Hirakata with all its might!
■FC TIAMO Hirakata
Its predecessor was FC Ivanina, which was founded in 2004 by Toru Araiba, Ryuji Banjo, and Junichi Inamoto.
In 2015, the name was changed to the current "FC Tiamo Hirakata".
Under the slogans of "community-based" and "local human resource development," the club and local community work together as one.
We carry out a variety of activities to help people in the local community enjoy good mental and physical health and quality of life.
They will be promoted to the JFL in 2021 and are aiming for promotion to the J League in the future.

■Mr. Kasumi Ogawa
At Funabashi Municipal High School, he won the national high school soccer championship, and after attending Meiji University, he joined Nagoya Grampus and contributed to the league championship in 2010.
After that, he played for Sagan Tosu and Albirex Niigata, making a total of 300 appearances in J1.
Upon retiring from active duty in 2020, he became the manager of FC Tiamo Hirakata, winning the Kansai Soccer League in the same year.
They also won the National Regional Soccer Champions League and led to promotion to the JFL.