Disney character series is now available from [Towel Research Institute]!

Disney character series towels are now available from Towel Research Institute, which is sold exclusively on Amazon.
(Total 7 characters / 3 sizes available)

"#023 Disney Character" series

Towel Research Institute has always delivered basic, plain designs with a focus on functionality that fits your daily life. This winter, we have created a Disney design towel that can be casually incorporated into your home and is easy to use even for adults. While enjoying the loveliness of familiar Disney characters, you can also appreciate the quality of the towel itself.

7 types of characters to choose from

We have a lineup of 7 Mickey & Friends characters. Reward to myself. A great gift for your loved ones. In addition to the favorite character collection. You can choose freely according to the occasion.

A carefully designed combination of ease of use and cute design

1. Embroidery is designed on the four corners of the towel so that you can enjoy various expressions depending on how you fold it. For adults who will never forget their sense of fun.

2. The "hem" part, which is normally located at the top and bottom of a towel, is placed on the side, adding a touch of elegance to the towel without compromising its absorbency when wiping your hands and body.

3. Fully pile towel made of highly absorbent thread. Accented with boldly laid out characters.

Product line-up

Mickey Mouse / Minnie Mouse / Donald Duck / Daisy Duck / Chip & Dale / Pluto / Figaro
Each character is available in a set of 3 hand towels, 3 face towels, and 2 bath towels.

Now accepting pre-orders on Amazon.
The Mickey Mouse pattern will be released in late December, and the other character designs will be released in January.

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