We have made it possible to quantify "softness" in towel performance research

Izawa Towel Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Masashi Izawa) has demonstrated through joint research with Shinshu University that it is possible to quantify the softness that people feel using equipment. The results of this research were presented at the 2023 Fiber Science Society of Japan Annual Conference, which was held from June 14th (Thursday) to June 16th (Friday), 2023.

The texture of towels depends on human sensation, and there are no unified definitions or indicators. On the other hand, the widespread use of e-commerce sites to purchase daily necessities has made it common to purchase towels without even touching them. What is needed is an objective index to judge the texture of the towel. This research has made it possible to quantify the softness of towels, which has been extremely difficult until now, through mechanical measurement, which has a high correlation with subjective evaluation.

With the results of this research, Izawa Towel, as a leading company in the industry, would like to set industry standards in response to the current situation in the towel industry, which does not use unified standards.

Through various research, we will continue to solve the inconveniences and provide value to people around the world who use towels in their daily lives by looking at the usage environment, product performance, and comfort associated with towels.