伊澤正美 会長

Since 1973, Izawa towel has been producing towels with the end user in mind.


In 1970 we started our business in a small office in Osaka – a textile and merchant’s city.
We have been expanding to Tokyo and overseas ever since.
Founder Masayoshi Izawa’s words remain as our main philosophy:
“Put yourself in your customer’s shoes when developing a new product and do not afraid to think outside of the box.”
”On-site inspection and oversight is critical in product development.”
“Actively explore opportunities overseas”

1970 October Izawa Towel founded by Masayoshi Izawa in Sumiyoshi, Osaka
Although most towel companies went after the gift-giving market,
Izawa focused his business on household towels.
1971 March Established head office in Sumiyoshi, Osaka.
April Izawa Towel incorporated
1981 May Established satellite office in Tokyo
1985 May Overseas production began
Established Intercraft Trading Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary
1997 April Shoji Izawa appointed CEO
1998 April Tokyo satellite office moved to Minato-ku to strengthen sales force
November Established a centralized product center in Kaizuka, Osaka
2001 January Established a business relationship with an influential Chinese factory
2005 September Established Towel Lab and its laboratory team
Conduct research on quality and function as well as end-user survey and monitoring. Results are put into a database and analyzed to impact product development.
Our effort has been proven in improved customer satisfaction.
2010 July Expanded Tokyo office to gain more business in metropolitan Tokyo
2012 December Changed the Tokyo office to Tokyo branch
– relocated to bigger space and continue to focus on business in metropolitan Tokyo
2013 April Relocate Central product center to Kishiwada city
2016 April Collaborate with Shinshu university and launched Izawa Towel Technology Lab
within their textile department.
June Established Izawa Textile Co. Ltd. in Hong Kong.
2017 May Established Tokyo Office Building in Shibuya