Japan has already had an advanced culture of bathing.

However, the Japanese towel industry has developed surrounding gifts, novelty goods, and luxury brands.

Even during the time when the production of gifts accounted for most of the towel industry, our company did not focus on gift towels and did not handle luxury brands.

We, Izawa Towel, have always stubbornly focused on developing original products that were functional. We are defined by our devotion to user-friendliness.

The products are developed under the concept of “towels that the users enjoy using” rather than “towels that sell,” and its samples are tested on the site. These unique and high-quality products which were manufactured in factories with thorough quality control have received high reviews from many customers.

It is common a common spectacle in Western countries, where people have developed a culture to make their bathing time more pleasant, for everyone to use towels that suit their preference, lifestyle, and purpose of use.

Our company will continue to investigate the potential of towels for that to be established in Japan as well.

Shoji Izawa