Pursuing the better towels by standing 1step ahead of the consumer needs. -Never being afraid of changes, for the 100 years ahead of the future

Foundational research

It is not easy to make innovations for towels. We emphasize the basic research of the process of materials, yarn spinning, and production to strengthen the foundation itself.
We make innovations happen by valuing the foundation of the whole process of producing towels.

Production development

It is not possible to produce the towel that has all functions consumers want, like untwisted towels which have nearly zero-lint. However, we have the passion for R&D to challenge the word ‘impossible’. We keep developing towels that people look for.

Global expansion

Japanese towels are ‘unique’ in that their size and the history. Are there any companies are aware of this? This characteristic is the gift from the technology cultivated through the history, and this is the huge reason why Japanese towels are left behind from the rest of towel industry around the world at the same time. We aim to standardize the towel throughout the world and to produce the towels fit all people.


We think and try sustainability from the view of the earth, not the perspective only from like ‘organic’ or ‘recycle’, which towel industry tends to focus on. We face the diverse society with all energy related to towels, and challenge the problems that could be occurred in all the moments through production to consumer experiences.