Business Information

Our Business

We are a group of experts in the towel industry.
We partner with retailers to offer private label towels.
We create, propose, manufacture and service.
We design and develop with the consumer in mind.
Our philosophy is to offer products we would be happy and proud to have in our own homes.


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Research and Analysis

Once we receive information on theme and direction the customer is looking for, we gather information on markets, consumers, and competitors. We then conduct research and surveys to analyze the needs of the target market.


Based on the results of our analysis, we start sample development.
We apply ourselves as consumers to examine our samples.
Having consumers with different genders, age and lifestyle leads to different feedback. We apply our findings to make the product unique and outstanding.


From planning and design to sample development, our clients will be able to see, feel and examine details and functions. We are here to make the products that are best for our clients.


We partner with world class manufactures.
Reliable production background is critical in our business.
We are proud to service our clients with the highest quality product and timely delivery.

“Intercraft” – our wholly owned subsidiary allows our clients to hold their inventory and offer on-demand delivery service from our warehouse as needed.

Testing the market

We work with our clients to test the market before expanding to all their retail doors.
We will conduct our own analysis to present expected sales, retail presentation ideas and PR plan.

Follow up

Our work does not end when the products hit the retail floor.
We monitor sales and conduct ongoing market research, which allows our clients to stay relevant in the face of the fast pace of changing consumer trends.