Decided to form a business alliance with WestPoint Group, a global company that owns WestPoint Home LCC, Vision Support Services Ltd.


Creating Towels for the Next 100 Years

Creating Right Value Right
Towels have been in Japan for over 100 years.
The Japanese towel industry has developed primarily to serve the gifts and novelty demands. Izawa Towel, on the other hand, has put consumer's daily needs and point of view as the core of its product development and has made customer satisfaction as its mission.

Izawa Towel will continue to be the innovative leader and shape the towel industry for the next 100 years.

Thinking and Creating Towel "Value" from Global Perspective

Towels are used around the world, but their specifications vary by country and area. Such variation of consumer demands provides us with important clue to further our research and development efforts. We will continue to lead innovation and enhance the value of towels not only for both Japanese and global markets.

Building a future with Dedication, Challenge, and Commitment to Excellence

Izawa Towel’s deep understanding of the changing consumer tastes and lifestyles is reflected in the products and services we provide to our customers. We will continue to think outside beyond the norm and promote innovation from all directions to add greater value to our customers’ lifestyle.


We want to be a company that sends out messages to the world through towels.



Specializing in towel products and providing them to retailers on an OEM basis

We plan and propose products, manufacture them, and provide follow-up services.



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